Date: 2015-08-18 11:28 pm (UTC)
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Light offers a somewhat fuller smile as the other man allows him inside. He knows he's probably the only person Teru trusts enough for this - and in turn, Teru is one of the few people Light feels genuine concern for. It's an oddly intimate relationship by either of their standards, and he's still not entirely sure how it happened, but he's not complaining.

He closes and locks the door behind himself, pausing to remove his shoes, and then makes his way over to the coffee table to put down the bags. "This doesn't look like you've been taking care of yourself," he says over his shoulder, only half-teasing, with a nod to indicate the signs of recent work and cleaning he can see. Adopting the same tone he uses with his sister when she's being stubborn, he goes on, "Sit. I'll handle everything. There are chopsticks and napkins in the bag."

Although most of their social engagements involve meeting for lunch or coffee rather than visiting at home, Light has been in Teru's apartment enough times to know where things are, for the most part - and they're always in the same place, neatly organized. It's no trouble for him to find the teapot and cups. While the tea steeps, Light puts his little travel pack in the bathroom, taking a glance at the contents of the medicine cabinet. There doesn't seem to be an open bottle of cold medicine, so he brings the one he picked up back to the table, setting it down meaningfully within Teru's reach. He comes back a minute later with the tea and takes a seat.

"You know, I really don't mind coming over if you need someone to handle the cooking and cleaning for a few days," he says, looking over at Teru as he breaks the disposable chopsticks provided with the meal. "We're friends, right? Besides, I have a younger sister. It's not like I've never been around a sick person before."
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