Date: 2015-08-21 11:29 pm (UTC)
inordertobelieve: (why do i have so much hair)
Light doesn't seem to understand that working and - in this case especially - cleaning, to Teru, count very much into taking care of himself, no matter what physical condition he happens to be in. The idea of spending his time feeling dirty within a dirty environment is just too much filth to bear altogether.

Teru doesn't like being commanded, but he lacks will and energy to go up against Light's resolute decisions at the moment. Sitting down is actually a big relief to the strain that's placed on his body by the fever. Briefly he considers instructing Light to definitely put everything back where it belongs, but then decides against it. While it is unpleasant to have someone else move his things, Light isn't the sort of disorderly person who would make a mess in any case.

In his obedient streak, Teru even takes his medicine without protest. It's not like he feels any desire to stay sick. The sooner he can function again, the better. He sighs.

"In case of the flu, experience with the sick doesn't actually absolve you from being at risk to catch it yourself." Appealing to a sense of friendship has little effect on Mikami - not even if he's the beneficiary of it.
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