Date: 2015-07-21 10:23 pm (UTC)
inordertobelieve: (judging the porn actually)
Teru certainly would have preferred it if Light never came at all, but begrudgingly he had come to accept that it was rude to send him back after he already came most of the way. In the end it was his own fault for cancelling late, just because caving to illness is about his least favourite thing to do.
Teru Mikami just doesn't get ill. He hasn't been ill in years and, frankly, this current condition is an outrage. In a way, it might be favorable that he's almost too busy being miserable physically to focus on the mental pain of being kept from doing everything he's meant to be doing.

It's good when he hears knocking because that at least momentarily frees him from the misery of contemplating his situation. Treating the impending darkness in front of his eyes as he gets up like nothing, Mikami staggeringly makes his way to the door. It should not be as hard as it is, he decides, and along with it comes the decision that he really can't let Light see him like this for longer than maybe 3 minutes. Bad enough that it's happening at all.

He opens the door and really wishes his vision would stop blurring. At least he has his hair brushed and is wearing a proper dress shirt, but his appearance must still be pretty pathetic as he grabs the doorframe for support before he can even do so much as actually look at Light.

"T-thank you for coming..." His voice sounds disgusting to his own ears.
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