Date: 2015-07-24 10:27 pm (UTC)
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It seems to take longer than usual for Teru to answer the door, and when he does, it's immediately obvious why - he looks awful, pale and unsteady on his feet, and though he's tried to make himself presentable, Light can see the effort it's taking him just to be standing up at all.

"Of course," he says automatically, eyes flicking from Teru's face to his hand on the door frame and back, concern tightening his expression. Teru's gaze isn't nearly as sharp as it usually is - his eyes seem heavy-lidded, like he's tired enough to be falling asleep on his feet, and that combined with the unhealthy pallor of his complexion and the tremble in his voice adds up to the very real possibility that he's sick enough to need to go to a hospital. Light runs down a mental checklist of symptoms, ticking them off one by one, and decides that dehydration and fever are probably the two things to worry about first.

"You look terrible," he says, not bothering to hide his disapproval at Teru's priorities, but tempering the words with a slight smile. He places his hand on the edge of the door, making it clear that he intends to come in - he doubts Teru will agree to go to a hospital, but at the very least he can make sure he eats something and takes some medicine. "If I'd know you were this sick I could have come sooner," Light adds, hoping Teru will accept the implied offer of help without too much of a fight. "I picked up dinner on the way here - go sit down and I'll make us some tea to have with it."
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