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The short walk from the train station normally takes about twenty minutes, fifteen if he hurries a little – but Light doesn't hurry today. He takes his time, calling the restaurant to cancel the reservation, then stopping at a convenience store en route to pick up some things – a box of tea, aspirin, liquid cold medicine, a set of travel toiletries – and to order two bowls of take-out udon and vegetable tempura over rice. He knows Teru well enough to guess that if he's sick enough to cancel plans at the last minute, he may well be sick enough to need to be told to stay in bed and rest.

He's carrying too much to call or text when he's nearly there, so he doesn't bother – Teru knows he's dropping by, after all. It would be silly not to at least stop in to check on him, considering Light had already been nearly at the Kyoto station when he'd gotten the cancellation call, and Teru had sounded pretty awful over the phone. Even if their plans for the evening are off, Light's never in a rush to go home to Misa anyway.

He raises his less-burdened arm (the one carrying the medicine and other items, not the two heavy bags of still-steaming food) and knocks twice, frowning a little as the handles of the plastic bag drag against the sleeve of his jacket. It's not dark out yet, but it's chilly enough that Light would rather be indoors enjoying hot soup and better-than-average company – even if he suspects his not-quite-boyfriend will shoo him out at the earliest opportunity. They're similar in that neither of them likes to be observed while in less than ideal form.

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The realization that Light has no intention of just leaving him alone to rot dawns on Mikami uncomfortably. Suffering has always been easier to bear when there were no witnesses, from childhood on. Mikami just doesn't like feeling anyone's eyes on him when he's not in full control of every aspect of himself. While he trusts Light to an unusual extend, it's certainly not enough to actually want him around now.

Knowing full well that he can't stop Light from coming in, Teru steps out of the doorframe -slowly a little less shaky at least - so the other can let himself in. It's the little bit of help he will concede getting, otherwise, he's not going down without a fight now.
"There was no need to call you over. I'm an adult who can take care of himself, you shouldn't risk contagion by staying here long." It would sure be nice if his voice wasn't rather hoarse. He doesn't appreciate his body working against him to make his argument sound less convincing.

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Light doesn't seem to understand that working and - in this case especially - cleaning, to Teru, count very much into taking care of himself, no matter what physical condition he happens to be in. The idea of spending his time feeling dirty within a dirty environment is just too much filth to bear altogether.

Teru doesn't like being commanded, but he lacks will and energy to go up against Light's resolute decisions at the moment. Sitting down is actually a big relief to the strain that's placed on his body by the fever. Briefly he considers instructing Light to definitely put everything back where it belongs, but then decides against it. While it is unpleasant to have someone else move his things, Light isn't the sort of disorderly person who would make a mess in any case.

In his obedient streak, Teru even takes his medicine without protest. It's not like he feels any desire to stay sick. The sooner he can function again, the better. He sighs.

"In case of the flu, experience with the sick doesn't actually absolve you from being at risk to catch it yourself." Appealing to a sense of friendship has little effect on Mikami - not even if he's the beneficiary of it.


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